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On this page you will find updates on project progress and information of upcoming work activities along our onshore and offshore cable route.

Meet the Buyer Event Eastern Green Link 2, Peterhead

Thursday November 16th 2023

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Currently the project is in the development stage and focussing on consent applications which are made up of four parts:

  • Consent for a converter station and new sealing end tower in Peterhead, Scotland

Planning Permission in Principle has been granted by Aberdeenshire Council for the HVDC Converter Station. Consent under Section 37 of the Electricity Act 1989 has also been granted for the installation of a new sealing end tower and its associated downleads.

  • Consent for subsea cable in English and Scottish Waters

Marine licence applications have been submitted to the Marine Management Organisation and Marine Scotland for EGL2’s 436km subsea cable by both Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks Transmission and National Grid Electricity Transmission.

  • Consent for underground cable in East Yorkshire, England

Full planning permission has been granted by East Riding of Yorkshire Council for the majority of project’s onshore underground cable, and associated works. The planning application was submitted by National Grid Electricity Transmission.

  • Consent for a new converter station and section of underground cable in North Yorkshire, England

Outline planning permission for a new converter station and full planning permission for the section of onshore cable that would sit within the North Yorkshire district is being reviewed by the newly established North Yorkshire Council. The planning application was submitted by National Grid Electricity Transmission.

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If all our project’s consent applications are approved, we expect to begin construction in 2024, at which point we will be able to provide more detailed information of construction works taking place in your area.

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If you have any questions about our proposals, please get in touch with our community relations team.