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About EGL2

What we propose to build

There are three main sections to the construction of EGL2:

Northern point of connection

In Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, we will build a new onshore converter station and install underground cabling from the converter station to landfall at Sandford Bay

Marine cable route

Subsea cabling will be installed from Sandford Bay, through Scottish and English waters to landfall at Wilsthorpe, England

Southern point of connection

Onshore underground cable will be installed from landfall in Wilsthorpe to a new onshore converter station built in Drax, England

The EGL2 HVDC cable connection from Scotland to England consists of 436km of submarine cable and 69km of onshore cable.

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For more information on converter stations and cables, including diagrams, maps and images, please view the public consultation materials in the Document library.

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If you have any questions about our proposals, please get in touch with our community relations team.